The Basics of Oral Disease Prevention

Released: Thursday, June 15, 2023

Expires: Friday, July 31, 2026

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This Inside Dental Hygiene eBook features a continuing education (CE) article that covers the basics of at-home oral health care—namely, manual toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouthrinses. A second article helps hygienists in guiding patients to the right consumer products for their own individualized needs. Download to earn 2 CEU now! 


CE: Old-School Oral Health: Exploring the Efficacy of Traditional At-Home Care Methods
Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH, BSDH, DHSc
When it comes to at-home routines and product choices, some patients need more guidance than others. New technology abounds, but power toothbrushes and water flossers are not practical options for many patients. It is therefore important for dental hygienists to stay up to date on manual toothbrushes, traditional dental floss, and mouthrinses. This article describes how these basic, easily available products are invaluable tools in the reduction of biofilm and achieving the best possible periodontal health. .
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
Cost: $0
Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC

Tailor-Made Home Care for Every Patient: To Match Individual Needs, Customize Your Recommendations
Stephanie A. Pajot, RDH, BS, and Jason Mazda
The healthcare community has been emphasizing for years that we must treat the whole patient and consider a multitude of factors. Helping individuals choose the right home care regimen is part of that philosophy. Very few products, however, are universal in terms of being the best option for every patient. Home care products are not one-size-fits-all. This article explains how to evaluate each patient differently in order to recommend a tailor-made home care product that benefits each patient's individual needs.

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