The Fundamentals of Infection Control

Released: Thursday, April 4, 2024

Expires: Friday, April 30, 2027

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Infection control in a dental practice is more important than ever, and hygienists play an important role in maintaining a safe environment for staff and patients alike. This Inside Dental Hygiene eBook covers the fundamentals of preventing the spread of pathogens. A CE article reviews the most important considerations for selecting examination gloves, and two additional articles delve deeper into the basics of preventing cross-contamination. Download to earn 2 FREE CEU now! 


CE: In Safe Hands: Why Your Examination Gloves Matter in Dentistry
India Chance, RDH, CDIPC
Important factors to consider during glove selection include but are not limited to tensile strength, tactile sensitivity, and the absence of chemical accelerants. The implications of these factors extend to infection control, ergonomic injuries, and skin health. There are also potential benefits associated with gloves infused with plant-derivatives such as aloe vera, including enhanced tensile strength and improved skin conditions. This article features a comprehensive exploration of these factors that aims to guide dental healthcare providers in making informed decisions about glove selection, thereby improving safety and quality of care.
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Breaking the Chain of Infection
Cindy Rogers, RDH
As a hygienist, understanding the chain of infection and knowing your role in breaking this chain is imperative to the safety of your patients, your coworkers, and yourself. This article describes how integrating innovation and technology into your infection control program will provide you with the tools to break the chain.

Infection Control
Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH
In this interview, hygienist Michelle Strange discusses the importance of sterilization, water line maintenance, and safety of ancillary devices. 

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