Update on Anesthetics

Released: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Expires: Monday, August 31, 2026

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This Inside Dental Hygiene eBook features a continuing education (CE) article that discusses protocols for administering dental injections in such a way that helps prevent pain. Techniques include effective communication with the patient, the use of a topical anesthetic, deposition rate, and using a buffering agent. A second article explains how a dental hygienist can reduce a patient’s discomfort by building trust. Download to earn 2 FREE CEU now! 


CE: Local Anesthetic Delivery Methods: Protocols for Administering Injections to Help Prevent Pain
Tina Clarke, RDH, MEd, FADHA
When administering local anesthesia, it is helpful to consider techniques that can help minimize pain to patients. Strategies for delivering medication while reducing discomfort include interpersonal communication, using a fresh needle, applying pressure, and palpating the injection site. The application of a topical anesthetic and incorporating a buffering agent into a formulation can also help. This article offers guidance for keeping the patient comfortable during treatment as well as during the delivery of the anesthesia.
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
Cost: $0
Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC

Strategies to Ease Dental Anxiety: How to Earn Your Patient’s Trust
Stephanie A. Pajot, RDH, BS
Hygienists often encounter patients with dental anxiety. As oral health practitioners, showing empathy with patients can mean a great deal when delivering care during procedures. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a patient from terrified to comfortable in an appointment or two, this article is for you.

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