Hygiene Spotlight: Kate Trivett, RDH

Kate is the ultimate empowered dental hygienist. About 2 years ago, she decided to improve her continuing education strategy by being more intentional with her course selection, because she was inspired by her favorite dental hygiene podcast, “A Tale of Two Hygienists.” She has brought what she’s learned into her two practice locations and transformed her practice with one-hour appointments where she can focus on patients’ overall well-being in addition to their oral health. Kate takes blood pressure on every patient, and she has identified cancer on multiple patients. In addition, she found nodules on a long-time patient’s thyroid, which ultimately led to the patient’s thyroidectomy. Kate is having more fun now and is seen as an invaluable team member by her dental team and patients. We look forward to keeping an eye on Kate, as her next order of business is to learn more about airway disorders and further her knowledge regarding the ever-growing link between oral and general health. Way to go, Kate!