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Macronutrients: The Relationship Between Macronutrients and Periodontal Health and Disease

Kenneth Liu, DMD; et al

Particular eating patterns may be associated with increased risk of oral diseases, including periodontal diseases. 

2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires October 31, 2023


CE Article

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Jeff Rodgers, DMD

This article discusses the prevalence and implications of untreated OSA and examines the efficacy of treatment options. 


2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires April 30, 2023

CE Article

Quality Control and Monitoring of Vaccines

John A. Molinari, PhD

This article explores patient perceptions regarding vaccination and examines the processes of vaccine development and ongoing monitoring for safety. 


2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires March 31, 2023

CE Article

Laser Use by Dental Hygienists: Guide to State Regulations

Angie Wallace, RDH

As lasers become more widely used in dental offices, hygienists are seeking more information on how they can use lasers. 


2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires August 31, 2023


Christopher Baer, DMD
March 2021 RN - Expires September 30th, 2022 | SOURCE: Inside Dentistry
COST: $18.00